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There are numerous events and milestones in life that one cherishes. On many such occasions, a healthy bank balance and inflow of cash is required. Nothing can possibly be more satisfying for an individual than knowing that the financial security is in place for all important events of life. To enjoy such peace of mind, one needs to plan though. One could consider various options including a life insurance policy.

A life insurance policy offers the dual advantage of savings and security. Throughout life, we work assiduously with the intent of providing nothing but the best to our kith and kin. Our actions are governed by the motive to create a bright future for our successors.

Life has its own twists and turns. What destiny has penned down for us is unknown. It is therefore important for us to safeguard the interests of our loved ones under all circumstances.

An insurance cover is one of the most important steps that one can take to preserve the financial health of the family. Reliability, trustworthiness and good will are important aspects that one looks for while buying insurance. In the Indian insurance marketplace, no other insurance company comes anywhere close to Life Insurance Corporation (LIC) of India.

LIC of India is a state-owned insurance company. LIC came into being in 1956 and has since then grown by leaps and bounds to become the largest insurance company in India. LIC offers numerous insurance plans to cater to the diverse needs of people. In addition to attractive returns, the policy holder enjoys peace of mind.

GANDRA NARENDERGANDRA NARENDER is an Authorized LIC Advisor appointed by LIC of India. He strives to provide tailor-made insurance solution to all our esteemed NRI clients. Having years of experience, he first understands the financial objectives and then recommend the appropriate LIC plan to the NRI client.

Being MBA and have strong business and financial acumen, he can better design your financial planning and device a need based plan which helps you cover your future needs, be it a retirement planning or child education/marriage or an investment.

His philosophy of providing end-to-end insurance solutions entails rendering proper customer service and assisting the clients to get their legitimate claims. As a responsible full-service insurance agency, he believes that it is our responsibility to provide insurance solutions in a fair and transparent manner. In doing so, he do his best to provide the client with optimal insurance coverage at a reasonable price.

There are numerous instances where people are at the verge of retirement but do not have any definite source of fixed income. Likewise, many people have moved to foreign land with the objective of earning more money. Now, they intend to come back to their motherland and lead a settled life here. He provides personalized insurance plans to all such clients so that they realize their personal and financial goals.

His rich experience and understanding of the insurance products puts us in a unique position to offer plans that ensure a judicious blend of income and adequate risk cover. This enables our clients to plan their retirement and enjoy the golden years of their lives without worrying about cash inflows. In the unfortunate event of the death of a policy holder, the insurance policy may prove to be the saviour for the family.

Our vast gamut of services includes

  • Providing customized insurance solutions
  • Assisting client with effective financial planning through LIC policies.
  • Understanding insurance need of High Net-Worth Individuals (HNWIs) and Non-Resident Indians (NRIs)
  • Providing end-to-end insurance solutions to HNWIs and NRIs.
  • Financial Planning for old age.
  • Creating a judicious blend of inflows and security for clients.
  • Offering regular income plans/pension plans to the NRIs who plan to come back to India in the next 3-5 years.
  • Providing insurance solutions as a professional and care as a family member.



Our mission is to help people fulfill their financial objectives by understanding their needs and offering them a financial solution that best caters to their need. We believe that our clients are our real partners in progress. We will be a successful organization when our clients prosper, earn regular inflows and build their capital.




We want to be a leading player in the financial services industry in India. We intend to double our size, in revenue as well as number of policies issued, in the coming decade. In achieving our vision, we will always follow the 'customer first' approach.




We carry out our business with full transparency and fairness. As a corporate governance philosophy, we believe in full disclosure to all stakeholders be it government, customers or community at large. We adhere to the law of the land and do our level best to operate as responsible corporate citizens.

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